How To Buy A Yacht In Bitlife

If you are trying to crash a Yacht for the Wolf of Wallstreet challenge in BitLife, you first need to buy a Yacht. You cánido purchase a Yacht by getting aBoating Licensevia the License tab.

Under the License tab, you will need to clic the option that says Boating License. Doing so will allow you to take a Boating License test for$200. Taking and passing the Boating test requires answering one question related to boating correctly.

Boating Licence Test Answers in BitLife

A natural obstacle between you and this challenge is, of course, the test, which you cánido take as soon as you come “of age” (18+). Here’s a cheat sheet for the test because why would you know how to drive that thing when the sole intention is to crash it as soon as possible?

  1. What is the minimum required number of flares you should have on your vessel?3.
  2. From what side of the vessel should you never anchor?Stern-side
  3. What is 7.5 MAX kW (kilowatts) related to?Engine Power
  4. What is diez MAX km/h related to?Speed Limit
  5. What’s the name of the back of the boat?Stern
  6. What’s the name of the front of the boat?Bow
  7. What’s the name of the side of the boat?Port
  8. What does a sign with a crossed-out Gas Station and Seguidor orinan?No Combustion Vessels
  9. Required type of fire extinguisher you must have?B-1
  10. What does a sign with a square “Swim Area” orinan?Not Swim Area (it’s a trap). The answer is: Exclusion Area.
  11. Buoy with an orange consejo is:Mooring Buoy
  12. Buoy with an anchor symbol is:Anchorage Buoy
  13. Green marker with the number 9 on it should be passed on:Port-side
  14. Red marker with the number 8 on it should be passed on:Starboard-side
  15. Which vessel should give way? (In the picture there are power vessel and a wind vessel)Power vessel
  16. Which vessel should give way (In the picture, two vessels are heading for each other)Submissive vessel
  17. Which vessel should give way (In the picture, there are two vessels about to collide, and they are moving in a “V” formation)Left vessel
  18. What does a marker with a SLOW sign orinan?Controlled area
  19. What does an orange flag with a black square and circle orinan?Distress
  20. What does a red flag with a white diagonal line orinan?Diver
  21. Life Jacket question answer:Size and Fit
  22. Minimum Distance Between Vessels is?30 meters

How to Sink the Yacht in BitLife

Sinking the yacht in BitLife is much simpler than buying it. You just need to use it and swim somewhere. If you use your yacht you will always have a oportunidad that it will crash and sink. If this event occurs then your protégé will have a oportunidad to die. So, make sure that your character is healthy and knows how to swim to increase your chances of surviving.


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