How To Watch Movies On Movie Diary

Movie Diary app allows users to search for recently released and popular movies, TV shows and other video content. You can create a personal calendar to remember the release dates of your favorite upcoming movies. Users can watch movies online and download them to watch while offline. Allows you to create a watch list to add the movies you want to watch.

The home screen contains buttons to access the Discover, Upcoming, Watchlist, and Profile sections. The app comes with a discover section that includes movies and TV shows according to filters like best weekly, newly released, featured, etc. Movie Diary app offers features to help you track your watch list so you can manage time to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. Displays an overview of the movies, such as the release date, TV release time, actor’s name, etc.

Escape to another world

Sometimes living life can be exhausting. But you are not forced to spend all your time in one world. Reading books can be your escape from your daily life and your chance to relax.

Our advice: regular reading can reduce your stress level because when you are following your protagonists in the story, you forget about your worries for a while. The National Institute on Aging also suggests that regular reading can prevent age-related cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s. Reading and writing will also boost your creativity and improve your vocabulary, so don’t forget to add a private note to your new Daylee clips.

How to Download Movies Diary on iPhone and iPad

For other movie sharing apps like MovieHD and the like, you need to download them from external sources.

For the most part, apps downloaded from external sources tend to stop working after a while. You would face Untrusted Enterprise Developer error. In theory, you couldn’t use the app when that error is displayed.

Better Luck Tomorrow Co-written, directed and edited by Justin Lin. United States, 2002, 101 minutes. Available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD, and to subscribers on Paramount+.

During the almost 500 days between March 11, 2020 and July 2, 2021, I did not see a movie outside my house. I didn’t watch movies in theaters, I didn’t watch movies in drive-ins, I didn’t watch movies outside before crowds of people sitting on blankets and lawn chairs, I didn’t watch movies except when I was sitting on my couch and looking at the 40-inch screen that is approximately 10 feet away.

I guess that’s the way most people watch most movies now, even before the pandemic made it mandatory. But whether necessary or not, I decided that if COVID was going to enforce movie-going sobriety, then I might as well go cold turkey. And for me, the only way to break a cold streak like that was to see a movie shown on 35mm in a theater I love, where I could have a drink and not have to worry about the whole mask thing (at least not during the movie). itself). And so it came about that my first movie experience in about 500 days was seeing Hollywood director Justin Lin’s second feature, the independently made Better Luck Tomorrow, at the Brattle Theatre, which among the myriad of potential comeback programming options to the movies is one that I really could never have predicted.

January 2022

  1. “The Power of the Dog” (2021) ★★½Prestige drama exquisitely made without much substance.
  2. “Yesterday” (2019) ★★★Revised. He leaves a lot unexamined in his «Only One Man Remembers The Beatles» plot, but he has a real soul.
  3. “Polytechnique” (2009) ★★★★Powerful hypnotic meditation on a mass shooting.
  4. «Bergman Island» (2021) ★★★★ I expected this to be flimsy fan fiction, but it manages to stay true to Bergman’s legacy and also his own unique expression.
  5. “Titane” (2021) ★★★★This movie has everything and I couldn’t stop watching it, although its images are so unbearable that I couldn’t wait for it to end either.
  6. “Raging Fire” (2021) ★½Sad, stupid echo of what was once great in Hong Kong action movies.
  7. “Encanto” (2021) ★★Wake me up when people finally get over Lin-Manuel Miranda, please.
  8. «Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop» (2011) ★★★½Revised. Inspired look inside the mind of one of our comedian greats.
  9. “A Cat in Paris” (2010) ★★★★A children’s film that is also an eye-opening reminder of the power of hand-drawn animation.
  10. “Howl’s Moving Castle” (2004) ★★ Sorry Ghibli fans, I was so bored watching this.
  11. “The Tragedy of Macbeth” (2021) ★★★ An appropriately tongue-in-cheek take on Joel Coen that results in much to admire, relatively little to truly love.
  12. “Nightmare Alley” (1947) ★★★ The original version is a bit corny, but still filled with wonderfully raw despair.
  13. “A Hero” (2021) ★★★★Absolutely heartbreaking portrait of what it’s like to be a nobody in a world of bureaucrats.
  14. “The Shadow of a Doubt” (1943) ★★★★Revised. Hitchcock crystallizes the ideal of «Small Town USA» and then tears it to pieces.
  15. “The Last Duel” (2021) ★Colossally stupid morality tale directed by an overrated production designer who has somehow masqueraded as an auteur for over three decades.
  16. “The Prisoner of Zenda” (1937) ★★★★ A fairy tale of benevolent monarchies that’s also a marvel of old-school Hollywood storytelling.
  17. “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018) ★★½Revised. Mass death as cheap thrills.
  1. “Light Sleeper” (1992) ★★★★ An absurd premise but very well executed; Paul Schrader creates a sleepwalking version of Manhattan through which Willem Dafoe glides like a wounded ghost.
  2. “Boiling Point” (2021) ★★★½Indie film about the staff of a restaurant basically on fire. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth it.
  3. “Boiling Point” (2019) ★★★ The original short film that formed the basis of the 2021 feature film version. Also very worth watching.
  4. “Old Henry” (2021) ★½The great Tim Blake Nelson in a western, but struggling against a mediocre plot and casting.
  5. “Living and Dying in L.A.” (1985) ★½Revised. Aside from a car chase clearly meant to top «The French Connection,» the rest of this is satire-level macho stance.
  6. “Nightmare Alley” (2021) ★★★Better and worse than the 1947 original, but not a movie that really sticks with you.
  7. “Radio On” (1979) ★★★ A beautiful dissonant tone poem in road movie form.
  8. “My Cousin Vinny” (1992) ★½I can’t believe this sitcom plot of a movie made any kind of cultural impression, let alone won Marisa Tomei an Oscar.
  9. “Paper Moon” (1973) ★★★★½Revised. A grand slam out of a movie, with a final home run that’s perfect. The Coen brothers learned a lot from this.
  10. «What’s up, doctor?» (1972) ★★★½A remarkable recreation of the wit and spirit of screwball comedy, but still a recreation. However, Streisand is fabulous.
  11. “5 Fingers” (1952) ★★★★ A spy story but in the old sense, so don’t expect explosions and golden girls. Instead, what you get is a comedy of manners, performed with extreme elegance by James Mason in the title role.
  12. “All About Eve” (1950) ★★★★½As good as everyone says it is.
  13. “A Letter to Three Wives” (1949) ★★½The post-war melodrama features three excellent leads and wanders into interesting territory for a while, but never quite breaks through.
  14. “Kimi” (2022) ★★★½Small-scale, capable noir set unexpectedly in the world of smart speakers defies expectations and manages to be fantastic.
  15. “The worst person in the world” (2021) ★★★ I would have enjoyed this movie more if it didn’t have that clickbait title.
  16. “Gaslight” (1944) ★★★★ I’m amazed that the 21st century has turned back time to this fabulous but rather dark noir and turned its title into a culturally incisive colloquialism.
  17. “Lifeboat” (1944) ★★★★ Hitchcock’s specialty: a rare and limited set; richly drawn characters; and a tense and morally ambiguous conflict. Genius.
  18. “The Hit” (1984) ★★★★An existential odyssey disguised as a gangster movie.
  19. “Speed ​​Racer” (2008) ★★★★Revised. This might be the best of all the Wachowski movies, even the one with the sunglasses and trench coats.
  20. “Rushmore” (1998) ★★★★Revised. It sustains and shows how Anderson’s early characters were sometimes more internally coherent than they are today.
  21. “The Thief of Bagdad” (1940) ★★ Headless plot logic, but interesting to see how special effects were achieved in the Middle Ages.
  22. “The Addams Family” (1991) ★★★Revised. Raúl Julia and Angélica Houston were perfect.
  23. “Phantom Boy” (2015) ★★½ Superbly animated, as expected, but not a great progression from “A Cat in Paris”.
  24. «A Whisker Away» (2020) ★★★ The story, a teenage fairy tale in every way, is delicately executed, but the main reason to watch this is the long series of exquisitely represented with love. .
  25. “Air Bud” (1997) ★½There isn’t a moment here where naturalism of any kind creeps in, not for a second.
  26. “Napoleon Dynamite” (2004) ★★★Revised. Charming if slightly impressive.
  27. «Death on the Nile» (2022) ★★ Reasonably entertaining, if intermittently bombastic and unconvincing, takes on a classic parlor (on a boat) whodunit.

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