Numeros Ganadores Dela Loteria De New York

Although it could be a scene from a horror movie, it would be a macabre moment that would take place in Mexico City, where a woman lived with her mother’s corpse for a week.

The aberration of the case is that Mrs. Enriqueta Reynosa died on March 22 and neither her daughter nor the paramedics who treated her notified the authorities to remove the body, so no one else knew that her mother died, until the smell of the deteriorating body alerted the neighbors.


In every location in the United States, if you are the lucky winner of the lottery, you are required to pay taxes. The amount came from the amount you got. The only exception is if you win $599.99. If this is your case, you are exempt from paying taxes.

However, if the prize ranges from $600 to $4,999.99 and you are not a New York resident, you must pay 30% of the taxes, while if you receive any amount over $5,000.38 you will pay 82 % (as long as you have said category in the state).

Mega Chance

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How much does the National Lottery pay in second?

When the number selected with the first prize in the Quiniela Real draw is correct, you win RD$60 pesos for each peso wagered. When the number selected with the second prize of the Quiniela Real draw is correct, RD$8 pesos is paid for each peso wagered.

If the prize is equal to or less than $10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Pesos 00/100 M.N.), it can be paid in cash or by check at that time, withholding 7% taxes; 1% federal tax and 6% state tax (Federal District).


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