Sonido Para Sacar El Agua Del Celular

It has approximately the same as the rest of the applications on the list, but with something more. Fixing the speaker is the same, although with a somewhat more chaotic interface. The perfect manual mode allows you to choose the sound frequency that you are going to use. Although, always with patience and caution not to give a false so that you do not damage the mobile forever. Put the tape over this part of your phone and press it down so that the sticky side of the tape attracts most of the dirt that has piled up in and around the speakers.

And, if possible, let the speaker recover on its own. There are a few tricks to save it, one involves rice, but this app will help you get the water out of your speakers to try and prevent them from breaking down. The benefit of this application over others that we have included in this list is that it is used to test if the speakers are working well. The test plays sounds at multiple frequencies and the idea is that you use this to understand if they work properly or not. It’s a good first choice, as you don’t need to do anything and development is extremely easy.

How to get the water out of the iPhone speaker if it has gotten wet and it sounds bad:

With the Sonic app, we can emulate the process that the Apple watch performs to expel the water from the iPhone speakers.

Sonic App for iPhone

Fix My Speakers

You can use this app with just enter this link. With a single press on the eject button, a specific tone will begin to sound that generates waves that make the water come out of the speakers, working as a kind of fan. This trick works with iOS and Android.

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Now we have taught you how to clean your smartphone on the outside and also how to clean it on the inside to free you from any and all space-filling junk files. Now we are going to tell you how to thoroughly clean the speakers, so that you can make them stay like the first day, to avoid both sound and performance problems in them. Our Applesfera colleagues have explained the process for iPhone, although from here we will explain how to do it on any phone. Like any physical element, the speakers have their maintenance, and in the situation of mobile phones we have resolutions of all kinds to clean them. As we have told you at the beginning, there are many specific applications to clean the speakers of your mobile.

Water sound on phone

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Use the Water Eject shortcut to get the water out of the speakers After adding the shortcut, make sure your phone’s volume is turned up to maximum, to get the most vibration. In the Shortcuts app, go to the My Shortcuts page and tap the Water Ejection shortcut at the top to launch it. A menu will appear with the following options: Choose Start or Play to play the low frequency tone and start to expel the water from the speakers. The shortcut may not force out all of the water trapped inside, but it should force out a fair amount. Although you may be tempted to play the low-frequency tone for a long time, don’t do it for too long as you might have a detrimental effect on the speakers.


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