The Man From The Window Game Free

Many young children have nightmares. They dream of something dangerous and unknown, and then they are afraid of it even when they are awake. In this game you will have to overcome your childhood fears by playing as a little bunny who is afraid of the mysterious man at the window. Immerse yourself in the horror atmosphere and find out the end of this chilling story!

THE MAN IN THE WINDOW is the Horror Game in which you will live moments of fear… Do not summon The Man!

The Man From The Window is a pure survival horror within the genre of horror games that are so fashionable lately and in which you have to escape from the man in the window!

In this review we are going to analyze everything about the window man game, characters, all the endings (no spoilers), with video-analysis and how it can be downloaded for free.

It’s not enough to sit in one place

There are also other ways to gain time in this fast-paced matchup. Just remember that the bunny read about this terrible creature – that story contains a lot of information that you can now use to succeed. Mama Rabbit can read special rhymes to stop the evil stranger for a moment. There is also another distraction option: leave sweets on the table, the Man in the window like these, and you will buy some time.

Even if this game is short, it won’t let you relax for a second. To make the walkthrough more exciting, the developers added several endings to this horror story. How will it end for you? Only you can find out once you try to trick the evil antagonist. Remember that your only mission is to survive five long minutes in the company of the dangerous enemy!


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